Festivals & Workshops

30 October & 13 November &
11 December

Masterclass: The Cosmic Dance

The practice of yoga has much more to offer than I can fit into a 60 or 75 minute class. That is why I put together this three-part masterclass. During these three masterclasses we will explore a fuller range of the yogic practice, offering a thorough asana practice, complimented by meditation, pranayama and philosophy. During this masterclass you will be taken on a journey through the body, soul and mind.
We will explore the three global acts of the universe; creation, maintenance and dissolution.

8 November

Yoga Foundations Masterclass

Join Lars Ekm for this in depth workshop which will cover the basics of inversions, an asana lab and some yogic principles. This workshop will focus on the important stuff that is often asked and cued in a regular class but the teacher does not have enough time to explain the practices in detail. This workshop will be different, we will dive deep.
This workshop will focus on the basics of inversions. We will cover all the important stuff that you need to know if you want to master headstand and crow. . Having mastered and worked on the principles taught in this workshop the progression to more advanced inversions like forearm stand or handstand will be much easier.
Asana Lab
Lars will compliment the workshop with an asana lab. We will be looking at a selection of different asana and take them apart.
Yogic Principles
Throughout the workshop we will look at some of the overarching principles of the yoga practice like ujjayi (ocean breath) and bandhas (locks). T
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7 November

Beginners AcroYoga Workshop in Bern

AcroYoga verbindet die Leichtichkeit von Yoga mit der Dynamik von Akrobatik und der Ruhe der Heilkunst.
AcroYoga ist eine wunderbare Art, Verbindungen mit Gleichgesinnten zu schaffen, sich mit ihnen zu bewegen und auszutauschen, all dies in einem behüteten und sicheren Umfeld.
Lars kommt zu OpenYoga Bern und bietet einen Einführungsworkshop in die Welt des AcroYoga. Während des Workshops werdet ihr die Vielfältigkeit dieser Bewegungsform kennen lernen. Der Workshop bietet sich an für Anfänger, aber auch für diejenigen, die schon einige Erfahrungen gesammelt haben und ihr Wissen weiter vertiefen möchten.

12 / 13 December

Open Level AcroYoga in Bern & Zürich

Join Lucie and Lars for a 3h super fun AcroYoga Workshop!
We’ll start with a warm up to get you ready for inversions, spotting, basing and flying. Since it is the foundation for acro, there will be high quality Handstand Training as well!
Our main goal for this workshop is to share an elegant and fun sequence that we can easily spice up with higher level transitions if needed. This means we’ll be catering to different levels during this workshop.

After flying high, we will dive deep into some easy Therapeutic Flying and Thai Massage. For this, we will be working in same size couples so you can expect to base and fly.

18- 20 December

Conscious Winter Celebration

Bewusstes Feiern in familiärer Community
Conscious Celebration ist eine Bewegung des bewussten Feierns, die die schöne Vielfalt eines Festivals, mit der Gruppengröße eines Retreats,in einer einzigartigen Erfahrung verbindet.
Durch das Zusammenspiel von Yoga, Meditation, Tanz, live Musik und Community erschaffen wir 3 Tage lang ein gemeinsames High, Transformation und Celebration!
All unsere Events sind auf Seminarplätzen inmitten wunderschöner Natur weit weg von lauten Städten um völlig in das Retreat-Erlebnis eintauchen zu können.
Wir feiern diesen Winter – vom 18. -20 Dezember – in der schönen Schweiz.
Wunderschön eingebettet in grüne Hügel, Wiesen und Wälder und bietet das Landgut Ried den idealen Rahmen, um sich vom Alltag loszulösen, zu entspannen und in tiefere Schichten der Wahrnehmung einzutauchen.
Wir freuen uns auf dich!

Date to be confirmed

Flowing Into Mindfulness

Join Lars Ekm for an incredible workshop series: flowing into mindfulness.

Do you love to flow, experiment with new movements, learn about anatomy and how to practice safely? If you answered yes, then this workshop is for you.

During this series we will explore our bodies, our mind and this beautiful practice we call yoga and challenge our understanding of movement. We will help you set your own intention for the practice and understand your body in new ways, therefore helping you on your own personal journey. The series will be split into 3 parts. Each part is available individually or as a package. This workshop is suitable for beginners and advanced yogis

Date to be confirmed

AcroYoga Fundamentals Teil 1

A beginners AcroYoga FUNdamentals workshop. 
During this class we will introduce you to the varied practice that is AcroYoga. We will begin with the foundations it is perfect for anyone who is new and anyone wanting layered progressions and to fine tune their existing knowledge.
We will explore the roles of basing, flying, coaching and spotting. We will present exercises and routines that will form your ‘goto bag of tricks’ to aid your success in the playful world of AcroYoga. We will cover the art of trust, communication and joy.
AcroYoga blends yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics and the loving kindness of healing arts. AcroYoga is a wonderful way to connect, move and play with likeminded people in a safe and supported space while exploring new ways of moving your body.